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When my SO does something I really wanted to do that I know they hate



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Anonymous asked: My boyfriend is currently in the Air Force and he's been pretty bummed lately so I decided to write him some Open When.. letters. So far I have lots of basics, But if you had some more interesting or different ones that could help me, it'd be great:) Thank you!


Tell your boyfriend that I say thank you for his service and that I’m sorry he’s feeling really bummed lately. I hope the Open when letters cheer him up and bring him out of his funk.

Open when…

  • You hear our song
  • You can’t sleep
  • You want to hear my voice, but can’t cause of xyz (time difference, its late, no cell reception) — give him a little usb with a voice message telling him that you love and miss him so much, share a old memory from one of your first dates, etc. Just make a sweet message to make your time apart a little easier
  • It’s raining
  • It’s the first day of summer
  • We will see each other in a week
  • You want to know a secret
  • You feel like I’m being shady — list reasons why he should trust you, explain that it might be a small misunderstanding and to please bring it up the next we talk so it doesn’t blow out of proportion.
  • You have a problem and need some advice 
  • You want to reminisce   
  • If you get a boo boo — make a cute first aid kit for him with lots of medical supplies in case he injuries himself 

I hope these topics suggestions are helpful and feel free to message me back if you need anything else! :)

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